This guide will show you how to draw a toy dog. There are many tutorials on drawing animals. Today we will focus on the things pets love. Each step can be modified to suit your needs. This is a rough sketch of how to draw a simple object. You can use your imagination for the rest.

Step 1

This guide will show you how to draw dog toys. We will start by drawing basic geometric shapes. Draw a cylinder that has a cut on each side. It will look like an elongated figure with two narrow ovals located laterally. Pick a location on paper that is suitable for the shape. Drawing a dog toy is all that we are doing. Therefore, we only draw a circle in the middle of the sheet.



Step 2

It almost looks like Mickey Mouse’s ears. Draw two rounded shapes at each end, one at the top and one at the lateral. You should now have two lines open. These shapes should be as symmetrical and even as possible. This will make it easier to draw the shapes without any additional objects.


Step 3

To create two heart signs, draw rounded shapes at their bottom. Focus on the shapes you have drawn previously. The ends of the lines might intersect. You should draw a sketch of your dog toy that is narrower towards the center and wider at the ends.


Step 4

All the guidelines that you have used previously should be deleted. The final outline should be drawn in clear, contrasting lines. Verify that your final sketch is symmetrical and correct. It looks great, doesn’t it?


Step 5

Try to use your imagination. You can draw on the dog toy any logos, patterns, or shapes you want. These decorative elements can be placed wherever you want. You can see that we chose to decorate the elements in the form of dog paws and heart signs. These signs will ensure that the dog can always recognize his toy.


Step 6

Shadows can make any drawing more complicated. Even a simple drawing like a dog’s toy can be complicated by shadows. To create a stylish, simple shadow, you can use a wide, slanting hatch. A two-layer crisscross hatch is recommended if you wish to create a thicker shadow.


Shadows can be skipped if you’re an artist in training. Your dog toy sketch can be colored to your preference. If you found this tutorial helpful, please let me know. We value your feedback and opinions. We appreciate your feedback.


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