This drawing guide will show you how to draw the paw of a dog. This guide is useful if your goal is to draw a whole dog or to practice drawing paws. To create a high-quality, stylish drawing of your dog, you don’t need to know anything about its body. Follow the instructions in our tutorial to get a great result.


Step 1

This guide will show you how to draw a dog’s paw. Draw the outline of your dog’s paw. Next, draw a large oval on a piece of paper. This shape is not symmetrical, as you can see. You can see the slight downward tapering.


Step 2

Two beveled lines are used to add the outline of the dog’s forearm. The lines are not straight but are parallel, as you can see. In this step, we will need to draw three straight lines along the distal edge. These lines can be drawn without using too much pressure.


Step 3

Draw small, round claws near the distal ends of your fingers. Dogs don’t have sharp claws so make sure to depict this realistically.


Step 4

This is the end of our guide on drawing a dog’s paw. You can delete any extra guidelines we have drawn. Make sure the lines are clear and complete. Make sure to correct any errors or inaccuracies in your drawing.


Step 5

To complete this drawing tutorial, we will need to draw small light shadows. You can depict the texture and feel of smooth wool by drawing shadows with short oblique hatching. In areas that have the strongest shadows, use crisscrossing 2-layer shading.


We are glad you were able to achieve a wonderful result. You can now draw a dog, or you can continue practicing your dog paw drawing skills. Do not forget to tell us how successful you were at this. We welcome your comments and criticisms on our social media networks as well as in the comments below.

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