This drawing guide will show you how to draw the nose of a dog. This tutorial is perfect for beginning artists. This tutorial is great for advanced artists who wish to draw dogs accurately. A dog’s nose is a lesson in basic drawing, just like a human’s lips or nose.

Step 1

This guide will show you how to draw a dog’s nose. Draw a shape that looks like an inverted, truncated cone. It looks similar to the Superman sign. This shape can be arranged according to your imagination. This figure should be placed in front of your dog’s head if you are drawing it as a whole. This shape will be located at the center of the paper in our example.



Step 2

The nose of a dog isn’t complicated at all, is it? It is impossible to live without the basics. Draw a line vertically that divides the shape into two equal parts. Next, draw the rough outline of the nostrils. Draw smooth, rounded lines using a soft pencil without pressing too hard.

Step 3

Connect the circles that represent the nostrils with the bottom edge of the drawing. To create the dog’s nose, trace the bottom edge of our sketch. The small triangular cutout lines up with the vertical line symmetry. Notice the relationship between the vertical lines in this figure and the rounded lines at the nostrils. You should avoid sharp lines or pronounced bends. As natural as possible, try to make your lines smooth.

Step 4

We have now completed the basics of drawing a dog’s nose. Eliminate any unnecessary lines. Verify all lines for symmetry. You shouldn’t strive for perfect symmetry. This isn’t possible in nature. It does look like a great button. It is a myth that dogs’ noses don’t hurt when they make gamepads.

Step 5

Draw shadows. To depict light shadows, use a broad one-layer shading. A two-layer crisscross pattern will create a strong shadow effect. The shadows that are most intense are found within the contours and nostrils of dogs, as you can see.

Step 6

You can now double-check that all shapes and contours are correct at the end of this drawing tutorial. To make your cartoon eye drawing more professional, you can erase all previous guide construction lines. This is a fantastic job.

We hope this was a really helpful tutorial. If you want to practice your skills in drawing animal body parts, be sure to check out the dog paw drawing tutorial The Tutorial on drawing cat’s eyes.
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