In this drawing class, we will demonstrate what to draw in a dog’s house. This lesson is simple, but the end drawing will look very real.

In order to make your drawing of a dog’s home realistic enough it is important to be aware of the principles for perspectives and to be able to draw the cube. In the earlier part of our classes, we’ve already spoken about this.

If you’re up for it now, let’s go to this lesson to learn to draw a house for a dog.

Step 1

To draw a dog’s home the first thing you need to draw is the bottom of the structure. Draw this with two straightforward straight lines.



Step 2

Draw the vertical lines of the dog’s home. This portion of the drawing should be completed with three straight, simple as well as vertical lines.


Step 3

Let’s draw our roof for the dog’s house. Begin by drawing on the side of the roof using two straight lines. Next, using a straight line trace the back of the roof.


Step 4

Make the roof of the dog’s house an appearance that is three-dimensional. To achieve this, draw straight lines, as illustrated in our illustration. Remember to draw the upper part of your roof.


Step 5

Draw the doorway to the dog’s house. The first step is to sketch the outline for the doors. With straight lines, trace out the frame’s outline surrounding the doorway.


Step 6

Then give your pet the house a more realistic design. With straight vertical lines, trace the corners of the dog’s house, as illustrated in our illustration.


Step 7

The dog’s home is constructed from wooden planks. To portray this look it is essential to draw a series of straight lines that are at equal distances from each other.


Step 8

Then, take your eraser, and carefully eliminate any unneeded rules from your dog’s house drawing. To make the house of your dog larger, you can make the lines darker closer to us.


Step 9

The time has come to create your shadows. This can make your drawing of the dog’s home even more detailed and real. In order to draw shadows as accurately as you can, check out the article we wrote on shadows and light.


We hope this drawing lesson for dogs was informative for you. Don’t ignore that on our website you can find drawing classes about nearly everything around the globe. Check out our other lessons on drawing, and continue to learn to draw. Don’t forget to follow our social media accounts so that you don’t lose new drawing lessons.


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