The team at 3dvkarts does not cease to work and develop the latest drawing courses. This lesson is a continuation of the concept of drawing animals. It is dedicated to drawing the head of a dog.

Step 1
Draw the head of the dog in an arc of half-turn. The first step is the simplest and comprises a circle and three lines namely the neckline as well as the intersecting lines across the top of the head.

Step 2
Draw a long muzzle for the dog. Draw the neck which is slightly swollen to the downwards.

Step 3
Now is the time to draw the sharp ears, eyes, and noses of our dogs.

Step 4
Draw the outline of the head. Remove any extra lines that are not in our drawing of the dog’s head.

Step 5
Darken the nose, eyes, and ears. Include some shadows and the picture that the pet has is complete.

The lesson on drawing the head of a dog just like the other lessons available on the website was broken down into very simple steps to maximize the ease and accessibility to everyone. After each step, according to the traditional, you will be given a few helpful tips are given. The principal advice is to do it as many times as you can. Draw dogs of various breeds and from different sides. The other technique is applying shadows. First, trace very light shadow contours, and then apply paint using hatching.

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