Hello! We’ll be showing you how to draw your best friend, the dog. Since our ancestors domesticated the Wolf or one of his close relatives many years ago, the dog has become a reliable companion to serious matters. Let’s begin drawing a dog for children.

Step 1
Let’s begin with the stickman, a figure made up of circles and sticks. These are used to show the body’s proportions. We notice a large and round head among the features. This is why it is drawn in cartoon style.

Step 2
Draw a horizontal line for the eyes and a vertical line for the stickman’s head. Draw another large oval near the intersection of the two lines. This oval will now be flattened. Next, we will go below to add volume to the dog’s body. The dog’s arms and torso should look like cylinders. The front legs should be more visible than the hind.

Step 3
We now have one step: based on the lines we previously marked, draw the contours of our noses and the shape of our eyes.

Step 4
Once the silhouette is complete, it’s time for details. From the top, we will add details. Start at the top – we will start at the head. We will erase the previous steps and draw three dots close to the nose. Next, draw a wide smile and paint your eyes.

Step 5
One more detail: Draw the raised eyebrows. Remove the extra lines from the trunk and front paws. Use the “Z” line to circle the contours of your dog. Draw your fingers on the paws.

Step 6
Completion of the lesson. Circle the lines of the tail with the “Z” line. Draw hind paws by drawing vertical lines that are similar to those drawn in the previous step.

We taught you how to draw a dog for children. It’s easy to learn and everyone can do it. is your place to learn new lessons. All the best!


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