how to draw a dog face

In the last instructions, the staff of demonstrated how to draw an animal in a dog’s face. Now, we’ll demonstrate to you how to sketch a dog’s face. This tutorial is traditionally very simple and can be used to depict the face of dogs of every breed.


Step 1

Then, you should first draw the dog’s face by using an ordinary ball. Next, using just two simple lines, portray the neck.


Step 2

Let’s go into the details. Start with the muzzle, and then draw the upper portion of the mouth by making use of the U-shaped lines.


Step 3.

In the next step of the tutorial for drawing the head of a dog, it is recommended to lower the jaw to a certain extent and draw the lower jaw like in the illustration by the artists at


Step 4

Draw the top of the head with the ears that are slightly pointed. You can draw either ear or hang like an animal’s.


Step 5

Now, let’s go back to the dog’s face and depict the eye with an almond-shaped geometric form. Draw the nose in the image below.


Step 6

Utilizing a pair of simple curving lines, draw an elongated tongue that hangs off the lips. Complete the sixth stage by drawing the lines inside the ear.

Step 7

Then we move on to the muzzle and draw sharp teeth as well as the visible portion that is the gum. In this instance just the teeth on the bottom are evident.


Step 8

Eliminate the extra guidelines and trace the dog’s head using dark lines or even ink to get a neat and pleasing outcome.


Step 9

Let’s move on to the final elements. The muzzle should sketch the areas of the mustache and the hairlines on all the other parts of the face.


Step 10

Let’s paint the head of a dog. You can choose the colors that are shown in the work of the artists at or choose an alternative color since there are dogs in diverse shades.


All you have to do is listen my dear artists. If you’ve read this far and you’re reading them, then it’s likely that you are able to draw a dog’s face. If not, you should be sure to inform us about the issue that caused you trouble. Your feedback is crucial to us. The team at examines all of your feedback and responds to a lot of them.

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