This drawing guide will show you how to draw a simple dog. We tried to make it easy for beginners by giving you eight steps. There have been many tutorials for drawing dogs, but this one is the easiest. This guide doesn’t require any prior knowledge about animal anatomy or complex geometry rules.


Step 1

Let’s now begin a guide to drawing a dog. A basic sketch is the first step in any drawing lesson. We will also be drawing three rounded shapes, and connecting them with smooth lines. When drawing, use light pressure.



Step 2

We love creating cool drawings with very simple shapes, as you probably know. Draw a neck. This is essentially two straight lines connecting the head to the torso. The outlines of your nose and mouth can be drawn, which will look like a truncated conical cone.


Step 3

You are making great progress. Now draw strong, large front legs. It looks like an extended rectangle that tapers towards its bottom. These shapes’ distal ends widen to form round, paw-shaped paws.


Step 4

Next, we’ll draw two horizontal lines. The top line begins at the dog’s head and ends at the tail. The bottom line connects both the torso shapes that we previously drew.


Step 5

Many animals have a distinctive curve in the area between the hind legs. Dogs are no exception. They require speed and jumping ability. Let’s draw our dog’s hind legs, paying particular attention to the curve.


Step 6

Drawings can be brought to life by small details. You will now understand what we mean. Draw the outline of the nose and ears of this adorable dog.


Step 7

Unlike cats who have sharp claws, dogs do not have thin or sharp claws. Dogs don’t need to climb trees or attack with their claws. We will therefore draw small claws that look more like small triangles. Pay close attention to the relative positions of our dog’s toes and nails.


Step 8

This is a fantastic drawing. You can now remove any previous guidelines. You should draw the final lines using confident, clear lines.


Dogs are adorable creatures. Our drawing tutorial should have helped you draw a realistic and cute dog. Don’t forget to leave comments on how you did with this lesson. Your feedback is welcome!

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