How to draw A Dog Bone Step by Step -

How to draw A Dog Bone Step by Step

How to draw A Dog Bone Step by Step

Below is a step-by-step drawing tutorial.

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Step 1

Draw a diagonal curve. This section is what outlines the shaft, or one side of the bone.

Step 2

Draw a second curve along the first. This will outline the bone’s axis.

Step 3

Draw a line in “C” shape that crosses the top of your shaft. This is the epiphysis, which begins to form the bone’s end.

Step 4

Draw another curve, covering the bone’s front but not entirely.

Step 5

Another curve should be drawn, one that overlaps the shaft’s top and completely covers the epiphysis.

Step 6

Draw a curve line that extends from the shaft’s opposite end and overlaps it, creating a convex shape at the bone’s opposite end.

Step 7

Continue one lobe of your bone head by drawing another curve.

Step 8

Draw a line in a “C” shape from the lobe to your shaft. Enclose the bone completely.

Step 9

Draw curves parallel with the epiphysis and bone’s axis. At the epiphyte’s top, draw small circles. These lines and circles will create bone textures and three-dimensional shapes.

Step 10

Your bone color. The bones of cartoon dogs are often white, as if they were bleached by sunlight. Fossil bones may be brown, tan or black depending on their condition.


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