In this simple yet realistic drawing guide, we will show the steps to draw a bed for your dog which is a common interior detail for every dog owner.

This is a straightforward tutorial that is perfect for learning to draw basic geometric shapes or flowing lines. You can also improve your drawing skills in shadows. Don’t consider our guidelines as mandatory instructions. You are able to create an animal bed that you design yourself following our steps of steps.


Step 1

Let’s begin our guide on how to design a dog bed. Begin by sketching out a rough outline for the beds. Don’t attempt to draw flawlessly straight lines. One of the most crucial things is to select the proper position for your sketch on the paper. Then sketch out the line of the base. Make sure that the corners are all smooth. Make sure to use the smallest possible strokes to modify or erase them in the future.


Step 2

Draw the sides and the front of the bed for dogs. Begin by drawing the interior part which appears to be an equilateral triangle with no bottom edge. Then, add lines to the outside. Beware of sharp bends and sharp corners. As you can observe the lines are all smooth. Take note of the distance between lines. Use the sketch you made in the previous step to guide you.

Step 3

Split the front of the pet bed into two pieces. As you can see, the top part is much thinner than the lower. The front of the sofa is a part of the side border. In this way, it appears something like that of the bumper on the front sides of the front of the automobile. It is ideal for you to draw this step without the use of additional tools.

Step 4

This concludes the guide to drawing the dog bed. Draw the top part of your sofa. It appears as a long line flowing across the farthest sections of our animal accessories. Lines that are vertically short in this instance will serve as a great guide. Take a close look at the drawing and the precise parallel lines. Try drawing this without using the ruler.

Step 5

Draw shadows of light on the dog’s bed. Before drawing, find where the source of light is. The shadows that are on the other sides should be the most intense. To draw dark shadows, you can use two-layer shading. In other places, one-layer light shading is a great option. If you’re designing a leather sofa you can include tiny highlights.

Step 6

So, you’ve created a dog bed. Congratulations! You’ve done an excellent job! Verify to ensure that all lines and proportions are in the correct order. After that, eliminate any lines that are not needed. Consider drawing additional animal accessories, for example, toys. toys.

Today we drew a pretty simple version of the dog bed, but of course, you can make any other version of this item. You can make any other shape or other inscription to give your dog sofa a more individual design. Do not forget that your feedback is the best reward for our work. We are looking forward to your comments right here or on our social networks. HOW TO DRAW A FACE FOR BEGINNERS

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