Today, we’ll show you how to draw the dog ball. This lesson is part of a series on drawing pets and all things related to them. We tried to make the most difficult moments of drawing pets and related information as simple as possible when creating this tutorial. You only need to focus on the symmetry or correctness of the shapes.

Step 1

Draw the dog ball using a small blank and three intersecting lines. Each edge has a small, smooth line. You can draw the ball using auxiliary tools. It will increase your ability to paint the ball.



Step 2

It is likely that you have spent a lot before you can move on to the next step. Make sure you check the accuracy and uniformity of the lines you have drawn earlier. Then connect them to make a circle. This shouldn’t be a problem if your lines and strokes from the previous step are symmetrical and even.


Step 3

Verify the accuracy of all lines. You can see every mistake and flaw in the mirror image by using it as a mirror. Then, erase any lines other than the outer outline. The circle should be a good base for your dog’s ball.


Step 4

Now you can express your creativity fully. You can draw any pattern, logo, or decorations you like. Drawings will look more natural if you curve the patterns slightly. Consider shadow localization before you start. You will get a dog ball that is unique to your design.


Step 5

Draw shadows. You must determine the exact location of the light source to draw shadows. Draw a shadow by using sweeping, intense hatching. Add a second layer with crosshatching to the areas that have the strongest shadows. A thicker shadow can be created by increasing the intensity of your shading.


Step 6

This step will double-check that all shapes and outlines are correct. To make the dog ball drawing more professional, you can erase all previous guide construction lines. This is a fantastic job.


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