How to Draw a Doctor Who Dalek

How to Draw a Doctor Who Dalek

Step 1:

Start with the guide shapes again and then draw the facial guidelines for your robot’s face.

Step 2:

Draw the Dalek’s top, then the optical portion.

Sep 3:

The lenses will be drawn as follows: There are four beams per row in each of the three rows. These can be colored and indented on the cover.

Step 4:

Draw a line from the Delek’s mid-seck. Draw the shapes that look like eggs for the lights below that line.

Step 5:

Next, draw the outline of your body.

Step 6:

Now draw the areas of light or lights on the body. Next, draw a rod that acts as an arm.

Step 7:

Draw the mechanical claw.

Step 8:

Next, draw the Delek’s bottom and add the details. To clean up the art, erase the guides and mistakes.

Step 9:

The drawing is now complete and ready for coloring. This lesson was enjoyable.

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