Hello, dear artists. We love drawing creatures and other monsters for today’s lesson we decided to merge the two subjects. Therefore, we’ll be taking a look at drawing the dreadful Wolf.

Step 1
In the beginning, we sketch the head as a shape of an arc. Then, using a large circular sketch out the pelvis and chest. Then, at the end of the step, draw out the tail and limbs. Take note of the fact that in this example, the wolf standing in an erect position poised to fight.

Step 2
Then, with simple lines, sketch out the mouth opening of the wolf who is on fire. Then draw sharp ears and a line where the eyes will be. Connect the chest and pelvis, and create the body. Then, enlarge the paws and create the tail.

Step 3
We’ll now move on to the basics. The first step is to draw the massive mouth, which is dotted with teeth that are sharp. Then draw the nose and eyes that are frowning. Make sure to add wrinkles on the face.

Step 4
Let’s draw your monster’s head. Draw the ears out and the hairy outline of the skull. Then, using small and slightly curled lines sketch hairy outlines of the front portion of the torso. horrifying head.

Step 5
Let’s now move on to the forelegs. Draw the paws, taking into consideration the joints and bones under the skin. Draw the fingers out with sharp claws.

Step 6
Go to the back of our wolf, and draw the hind legs based on the same basis that we used to draw the front legs. Utilizing long lines and curving lines, trace out your tail. Don’t forget to erase all of the other guidelines.

Step 7
We have reached the final part of the drawing lesson on drawing an ominous wolf. In this step, we will draw shadows. By using light lines, trace the outline of shadows. Draw the shadows using the aid of hatching.

We would like to let you know that in our category, under the title “Myths and Legends” you can find an abundance of creatures and characters from fantasy, which you can master to draw.



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