How to Draw a Diplodocus from Jurassic World

The easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

Step 1:

Then make a drawing of the head, face. The syphilis dinosaur was extremely small head that was upturned with a small bump in the area where the brain and eyes were located in the middle of the nose.

Step 2:

Create a neck that curves downwards like an feline. Draw the body by extending the neckline from the top to create a large hump that is positioned at the rear of the diplodocus and then continuing with the first line below, in the form of bowl.

Step 3:

Sketch the legs in front that look like a larger version of elephant’s feet. They’re much higher than elephants, and can support more weight.

Step 4:

The back leg is drawn, and is identical to your front foot. The Sauropods’ legs are smaller to other dinosaurs like legs for therapeutic purposes.

Step 5:

Draw the tail in a big S-shape that extends from the top of the body and behind. Henriocus was a man with a long tail to help balance that began extremely large and then ended at an extremely narrow point that resembled whips.

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