How to Draw a Dinosaur

Perhaps every artist who is beginning their journey has at some point or another thought of drawing the image of a dinosaur. And in this simple eight-step tutorial artist of will teach you the art of drawing a dinosaur easily and fast.

So, take your favorite art supplies, browse through this page, and then begin the guide for drawing an animal.


Step 1

Therefore, begin drawing the outline of a dinosaur using three balls, the chest, the head, and the pelvis. Then, connect the three balls by drawing an extensive line of the spine that smoothly flows through the tail. The long legs are depicted as extremely short arms.




Step 2

Beginning from this point, we’ll sketch the particulars. According to tradition, we should begin by drawing the head. The first step is to draw the upper jaw and then the lower jaw like the artists from did.




Step 3.

Utilizing an almond-shaped geometric image, show the shape of the eye. Within the mouth show sharp teeth by drawing triangular lines. Finish this step by drawing the lower portion of your neck.




Step 4

The tyrannosaurus is the one we draw, meaning he has extremely small forelimbs. Thus, we draw these arms, with two fingers can be seen equipped with claws sharp.




Step 5

In the lower part of the torso, draw an abdominal area with a narrow line. Then, give the tail a full-on appearance using an extended line.




Step 6

The legs of the tyrannosaurus are significantly larger and stronger as compared to the arms. Draw them in straight lines. Also, draw feet with large fingers as well as sharp claws.




Step 7

Then, using an eraser, create the drawing cleaner tyrannosaurus that is, take the lines of the drawing and draw the lines you need using a lighter pencil or ink.




Step 8

The most common way to depict dinosaurs is in green. However, you are able to paint your dinosaur both in green or any other color you think is necessary.




The most fundamental aspects are in place the scenes, and if you heeded our suggestions, then likely, you now know how to draw an animal. We’re looking forward to your comments. Send us your feedback as the team at is able to read your comments and will respond to many of them.

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