The days when dinosaurs controlled the planet have long gone, but they exist in books, movies, or video games. Today, we’ve decided to create a lesson about drawing an animal. Although dinosaurs were of many kinds (and we’ll definitely draw the most well-known ones) The principles behind their drawing are essentially the same.

Step 1
In the beginning, we will show the following construction which includes an elongated head and short torso made comprised of two circles, and long lines that connect the spine, neck, and tail. Also, of course, short arms and long legs.

Step 2
Draw out a large mouth as well as a smaller eye. Draw the large neck that extends to the torso before it turns to the tail. After the process, draw the legs and arms.

Step 3
In this sketch, we’ll work on the details of dinosaurs, with clear and dark lines. Create the jaw, dot with sharp teeth, and sinister eyes. Also, draw the outline of the head.

Step 4
Draw the outline that outlines the leg of the dino using black and white lines. Take out any unnecessary guidelines from the image.

Step 5
Once the contours of the drawing of the dinosaur are drawn then you can begin gently shading the drawing. By adding shadows to the less illuminated areas, we can create a more detailed dinosaur.

The instruction on drawing the dinosaur can be applied to drawing the vast majority of species of dinosaurs, such as Tyrannosaur and abelisaur, and many more. Here are a few useful suggestions from our artists. Shadows should be added using the aid of dense hatching. If you wish to create shadows that are darker then apply an additional layer of hatching. In the beginning, sketch the lines using pencil lines that are very light.

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