how to draw a diamond

In this easy drawing guide, the team from will teach you the steps to draw diamonds. This tutorial will be extremely simple, however, there will be a lot of straight lines that aren’t simple to draw. If you wish to draw straight lines, you can utilize a ruler, but for general improvement, it’s more beneficial to not use it.

In any case, you’ll require the most popular art tools, whether it’s you are using a basic pencil and paper or a tablet for graphics. If you have all the tools in place in place, we can begin the steps to draw the diamond.


Step 1

First, draw the face that is on the bottom of the gem using two lines that are in the form of a big capital V. Make sure to keep the lines straight and even.




Step 2

With a couple of further straight lines draw how the jewel’s top is displayed. To determine the proportionality of your image, examine it by looking through the mirror.




Step 3.

The procedure of the diamond should be drawn is easy, however, this is the most straightforward in the entire guide. By using 2 parallel lines you can draw the central part.




Step 4

Now, let’s design the lower faces. To create this, draw four straight lines which diverge from the lower central point, on the sides upwards.




Step 5

Let’s now give the bottom faces a look that is more easily recognized. For this, draw lines like the artists from did in the sketch below these words.




Step 6

Let’s begin to create the edges that will be on top of the gemstone. To create this effect, draw the lines in a sharp line, like did the artists from




Step 7

Draw the remaining forms of faces over the top. As you can see, our sketch is gradually becoming more like a diamond sketch.




Step 8

Let’s now move to the middle of the gemstone. With the aid of numerous curves, draw the texture as artists from did.




Step 9

In this sage, we’ll draw the diamond. Utilizing numerous shorter vertical lines, we will show the diamond’s texture in the center of the diamond and then wipe off the lines.




Step 10

Also, make use of an eraser to erase any other guidelines that are not part of the drawing. For making the diamond design easier to read and visually appealing you can trace it using black ink or dark pencil.




Step 11

Choose the light blue hue and apply the color to the diamond. To achieve this you can make use of any tool for coloring the gemstone. Additionally, you can add shadows and highlights.




The guideline for drawing the diamond comprised eleven steps and the team at considered it to be easy. Is this the case or was it complicated? So, let us know about the issue. We will read all comments and will respond to a lot of them.

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