Our team has recently demonstrated the art of drawing a vast range of animals that are extremely bizarre like the anteater and Nasua. In this drawing class, the team from 3DVKARTS wants to teach you the art of drawing an elk.

Step 1
Draw two circles, one large and the other small. This is the head and the torso of the deSman.

Step 2
Draw legs and a long muzzle by using the usual ovals.

Step 3
Draw the elements of the drawing by using flowing lines, sketch your eyes, fingers, and the long tail.

Step 4
Eliminate all unnecessary guidelines and sketch out the details on our drawing of the desman with dark and clear lines.

Step 5
We now need to create shadows on the body’s surface and in places where light doesn’t fall.

Desman is a truly bizarre and fascinating creature, and this is our hope that you can learn you can draw them. We also wish that you’ll join us on social networks and also share this tutorial on drawing the desman.


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