How to Draw a Deer Head

In this easy-to-follow tutorial, the team from will teach the user the art of drawing the deer head simple and quickly through twelve steps. We have made the new lines in each stage in red and provided simple descriptions to ensure that even the most inexperienced artist could be taught how to draw an animal head.

Step 1

We’ll start by drawing a simple circle as we have done in our other articles on heads of animals (for instance heads of the cat). Utilize a curving line to depict the neck.




Step 2

Utilizing two geometric shapes in the shape of almonds draws the eyes of deer. Note that they’re extremely different.




Step 3

The next step is to draw the face and draw the mouth and nose. Do your best to duplicate everything following the model by the artists at




Step 4

With a pair of loose lines, draw the jaw of the deer. Then, sketch the lateral side of the face using the aid of a curving line.




Step 5

Then, go up to on top to draw the ears of deer ears. They must be big enough to be able to diverge from the sides.




Step 6

Then draw the lines of the ears and then correct the top surface of the face. After that, correct the neck following the illustration from the artists at




Step 7

Let’s trace the antlers on the deer. It’s quite difficult and we’ll draw it slowly. First, draw the areas of the antlers using two lines.




Step 8

Continue drawing deer antlers. Next by drawing a couple of simple lines, draw those lower antler branches like in the drawing example provided by the artists at




Step 9

Then, move up a bit and show two branches. It is possible to repeat the shape of the antlers as shown in our illustration, and also create your own design.




Step 10

In the tenth step of the instructions on drawing an animal head in the tenth stage, we conclude by drawing its antlers. Then, at the top, draw the last branches following the model of the branches above.




Step 11

Then, set your pen aside and get an eraser. With it, we can get rid of all the extra guidelines in the deer head sketch. The artwork will be darkened using the darkest pencil, or even ink.




Step 12

Then let’s paint the deer’s head. The head is painted light brown. eyes black, the outer surface of the ears grey, and the ears ivory.




All you need to do is dear readers and artists of the tutorial on drawing the head of a deer is now complete. We are looking forward to your comments and suggestions regarding the forthcoming article. We’re also waiting for your registration for on social media platforms. Send us your artwork and also comment on the art of other users.

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