Hello dear artists. In the previous drawing lesson, we taught you how to draw a flame elemental and a kobold. These characters are portrayed in various universes such as Dungeons or dragons. Today, we have decided to draw a different monster from the same universe. Therefore, we’ll learn the art of drawing the demon knight.

Step 1
We’ll start with the skull that is our dead knight. This process is the same for all drawing lessons on people as well as creatures with human proportions. Draw the head in a shape of an oval. Next, sketch the spine, which is where the pelvis and thorax are situated. After that step, draw out the legs and arms.

Step 2
Draw the lines that intersect the character’s head. Then, using the aid of lines drawn with light, sketch out the torso as well as the triangular pelvis. Utilizing simple geometric shapes, sketch your arms. Draw the sword with one hand, while drawing the armor in the other. With simple geometric shapes, draw out the legs, then proceed to step three.

Step 3
Let’s look after the finer points. The first step is to draw the horned helmet. Next, draw the outline of the skull, as shown in our illustration. We chose to draw a helmet with horns however, you are able to draw any type of helmet, like the one shown in the drawing lesson on armor.

Step 4
Draw out the top portion of the cape. This is upon the back of the monster. Then, draw the components of armor for the upper torso. Eliminate all lines that are unnecessary off the torso.

Step 5
Then let’s go towards the arms or, more accurately, to the arm, as your left hand is protected by an armory. Draw out the shield using dark and clear lines. Then, draw the left arm, with armor elements. Then, draw his weapon in his hands.

Step 6
We’ll now look at the lower portion of our body. This is the death knight. Take care to draw the belt using a scabbard that hangs. Then, draw the legs out using the components of the armor. Then at the end of this step, make sure to draw a torn cape on the shoulders of our warrior.

Step 7
Death knight’s design is almost completed. It is all we need to do is add shadows. This will make our creature more realistic and 3D. Paint your eye sockets. By hatching, add shadows to places where the shadow will not fall. Furthermore, using the help of intersecting lines, draw out the look that the chain mail.

Today, we taught you ways to draw the Death Knight. What monsters and characters from fantasy do you enjoy? Let us know in the comments of this article. In addition, you can check out our social media and share the drawing lessons we have taught you.

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