Hello everybody. In the last drawing classes, we demonstrated how to draw cameras. Today we’ve decided to give an introduction to the subject of Russian driver love. Let’s start the lesson by learning to draw an easy dashcam step-by-step.

Step 1
First, we sketch the body of the dashcam as a normal rectangle. Then, draw the other side of the dashcam.

Step 2
With the help circle sketch out the lens of the dashcam.

Step 3
Make a slight upward move and draw the dashcam’s mount.

Step 4
Then, move higher and pull out a rather massive screw from the holder.

Step 5
At this point, you draw the vacuum mount on our dashcam.

Step 6
Make some shadows for the dashcam as well as some sparkle to the lens by using just a few strokes.

If you are a frequent visitor to our site, maybe you have noticed the fact that our lesson was different from the other drawing lessons. In this lesson, we didn’t sketch any pre-drawn steps (for instance, like in the lessons that dealt with the use of a candlestick as well as hoverboards). hoverboard) Then, we began drawing the subject with clear black and white lines.

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