We’ve created a new course on our Warhammer 40 000 universe. We will also teach you ways to draw the character of a Dark Eldar. It is likely that you know that Eldar is elves that reside in the 40 000 different worlds. The reason our hero is likely to have limbs that are long and a thin body. We can draw him now!

Step 1
The first thing we draw is the stickman from this warrior. He stands tall. figure. His height is equal to the total length of eight heads. The pelvis and the chest must be narrow, however, the chest needs to be bigger than the pelvis.

Step 2
Let’s give some volume to the figure of our protagonist. Begin by drawing eyes along the head. Then, sketch out the body with easy geometric forms. Then, we sketch the legs and arms with simple geometric shapes. The warrior is not neckless from this angle, however, the figure appears very thin and tall.

Step 3
If everything went as planned and you’re able to create a diagrammatically-designed Dark Eldar. In this step, we’ll make the figure more akin to Warhammer the 40000 warriors. In the right hand, draw the plasma gun. If we happen to call this weapon incorrectly, please write your thoughts in the comment section. We then go to the lower levels and draw high boots.

Step 4
In this step, we create a helmet that fully protects the face and head. It is not necessary to draw the facial features in detail. In this stage, we draw just the contours of the evil eye along with the horizontal line that runs across the face, from the nose to the chin.


Step 5
This is the right time to create armor to protect an individual’s body. Two large plates are drawn on the region of the pectoralis muscles and a few small armor plates on the abdomen.

Step 6
In this section of the instructional guide on drawing the hands of a Dark Eldar, We sketch the hand.  By using straight lines and undulating lines, draw the gun using the left hand. In the left hand, draw the left hand. Remember not to trace the line of armor.

Step 7
We’ll now turn our attention to the lower portion of the physique of our warrior. Make sure you draw the belt using an open buckle. Then, draw the legs using the components that make up the armor. At the end of the process create holes and tear edges on folds that are located within the leg of the Dark Eldar.

Step 8
The course on the Dark Eldar from Warhammer 40 000 The lesson about a Dark Eldar from Warhammer 40 000is nearly complete and all we need to do is create a couple of shadows to make our drawing more realistic. A more dense hatching pattern is used for the darker areas, and less intense for less shaded areas.

Thank you for taking the time to read and draw, dear artists. Do not forget to note down the drawing lessons you’d like to learn on our website!

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