How To Draw A Daisy Tattoo

How To Draw A Daisy Tattoo

Step 1:

Create a circle first for to center the flowers. sketch the details.

Step 2:

Then then, draw the daisy flower petals until you’ve got a full bloom that has been created, with detail on the petals, too. Daisy petals are oblong and are sometimes referred to as slim.

Step 3:

Draw the stem and leaves and then give them details too.

Step 4:

Make the water-like trail on one edge of the flower, and then color it with solid.

Step 5:

You can add more outlining to the water trail. Then add more trailing around the block. Make sure you erase the mistakes that you may have made along with the guides that are visible.

Step 6:

All done. Add some colors before displaying the flower. You can also bring the black and white image to your tattooist for the next tattooing session with flowers.

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