This drawing tutorial will teach you how to draw a dagger. A dagger is an edged weapon that has a straight or curved blade. The blade can be sharpened on either side. These daggers can be found in the arms of soldiers, knights, and other characters from fantasy.

Step 1
First, draw a straight line. This will allow us to proportionally draw the dagger.

Step 2
As a guide, draw a circle at the end of your line from the previous steps.

Step 3
Now, take the dagger’s grip. You can make it flat or convex, as in the example.

Step 4
Draw the guard, which can be either straight or curved like in our example.

Step 5
The blade is the most crucial part of any melee weapon. The blades of the dagger have been sharpened both on sides, as we mentioned.

Step 6
Now, erase the straight line from the previous step and draw the rain guard at the junction between the blade and the guard.

Step 7
We are now at the end of the lesson on How to Draw a Dagger. We just need to create some shadows by using simple hatching.

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