How to draw a Dachshund Step by Step || Simple Dog Drawing

Below is a step-by-step drawing tutorial.

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Step 1

This tutorial will show you how to draw a dachshund’s head and face.

Dachshunds are distinguished by their distinctive appearance. They have a long, thin nose and large, drooping ears.

Start by drawing a large circle around the left ear. Next, create concatenated curves at the top of your head.

The muzzle will be able to see the end of this line.

We will draw a large nose at the end of this muzzle. Finish this step by drawing a long, smiley mouth that extends to the left below the nose.

This is it for this step. You can now move on to step 2.

Step 2: Now draw the chest, and begin the back of your dachshund

The second step in this dachshund drawing will add details to the chest, back, and legs. From the base of your head, create a slight curve.

Next, draw a little leg that runs down from the top with curved toes. Draw a smaller curve around the chest just below this leg.

Next, we will plot the back-start of the Dachshund. This is a simple curve that runs down from the base of the head.

After these details are completed, we can move on to step 3.

Step 3: Draw another leg and more body.

This is the third part of our tutorial on drawing dachshunds. We will be adding the front leg and more body.

Let’s begin with the leg. This one will be next to the previous one and will look very similar. Next, we’ll curve the belly and back of the body.

As the belly line curves inwardly near the end, the back line will be slightly straighter that the belly line.

Step 4 – Next draw the hind legs of the Dachshund

In the fourth step, draw the hind leg of your dachshund. Although they look very similar to the front legs’, the hind legs will be slightly longer.

You will see the legs in the back are also more spaced, and this will give your adorable Dachshund a more confident appearance.

After you have completed drawing the pins, you can add the final details to the tutorial.

Step 5: Add the last details to your Dachshund Drawing

In the fifth step of our tutorial, you can add final details to this painting. We will draw the second eye contour on our left side.

You can then add small circles to each eye for the pupils. Next, add curved eyebrows above your eyes and a line around your mouth.

Add a curled tail that extends up to the back of your dachshund. After you have added these details, add your final touches.

The background is just an idea of how to paint it. What kind of setup would that look like for this cute dachshund?

Step 6: Finish your Dachshund drawing by adding color

This breed is known for its beautiful palette of dark and light browns. We used this approach to paint our dachshund.

You can color your description using our example to get a realistic look for the dachshund.


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