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This drawing guide will show you how to draw a dabbing canine. This tutorial is simple and great for beginners. We have removed all the complicated anatomical details and only left the essential steps. These steps can be repeated many times to achieve great results.


Step 1

Let’s start by drawing a dabbing canine. These two rounded shapes represent the action in the illustration. These shapes should be drawn and placed in the middle of the paper. The larger figure in the upper part is more than the smaller one. The entire composition is slightly tilted. These shapes aren’t perfectly straight or perfectly symmetrical, as you can see.



Step 2

Find the right pose for your dog. The dynamic pose was meant to look like a dance. This cartoon style makes it easy to draw complicated anatomical structures like joints and muscles. The curves are all very smooth. The curves are all very smooth. The distal contours of the limbs taper in a smooth fashion.


Step 3

We can draw some things in real or cartoon styles. These are, for example, fingers. On each paw, draw three toes rounded. Pay attention to the shape of your fingers and the relationship between them. Depending on the angle, fingers can take on different shapes. This is particularly evident on the toes and paws of our wonderful dog.


Step 4

Draw the ears of your dog. You can alter the shape of your ears to suit your needs. You can draw larger, drooping, or shorter protruding ears according to your imagination. As a guide, use the outline of the head or upper legs.


Step 5

Draw the outline of your dog’s nose and cheeks. The nose is an inverted, truncated cone. Three flowing lines form the cheeks. The cheeks and mouth are the main expressions of emotion because our eyes are closed with our hands.


Step 6

We are now close to finishing this tutorial on drawing a dabbing dog. We will only draw the parts that are visible on our faces. These are the left eyebrows and the edge of the left eye in our example. You can also draw the nose and eyes if you choose a more open position.


Please let us know if you found this guide helpful. We value your feedback and opinions. Your feedback is very important to us. You can also check out the cartoons and animals’ tutorials.


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