We’re very fond of the characters from mythology of the ancient Greece and a lot of them have been depicted on our site. In this lesson, we’ll teach you ways to draw the cyclops among the more well-known characters from the antiquated Greek myths. In various versions of legends and myths, the cyclops are depicted in various ways, however, they’re always depicted as giants with one eye.

Step 1
The first step is to just sketch a skeleton for strong and powerful characters. Draw an outline for a body and spine. On the spine, draw the pelvis and chest. Utilizing simple lines, draw the legs and arms. Take note of the fact that the proportions of cyclops are slightly different from those of the average person.

Step 2
Sketch out the contours of the broad torso that narrows slightly in the waist. Then, using geometric shapes, sketch out the legs and arms that make up the cyclops. Then, sketch out a large club held by the persona. In addition, it is important to remember that in the initial three steps we should make use of very light lines because, in the future, we’ll have erased the lines.

Step 3
Let’s add some more specifics to the drawing. The head is the first thing we draw and draw a beard and hair. We have drawn elongated cyclops and hairless spots at the front of the head. Then, sketch the outline of the straps that are to the torso, loincloth, bracers as well as footwear.

Step 4
Beginning with this step, we’ll draw dark and clear lines. The first step is to draw out the outline of the head that is bald or nose, with eyes that are single. Draw the wrinkles on side of the eyes.

Step 5
We continue drawing an outline of the head and torso of our cyclops. Draw the outline of the large beard the ear, along with the hair’s long length. Utilize long lines of wavy lines to draw the hair of the beard. Eliminate all lines that are unnecessary from the beard that we portray.

Step 6
Let’s now move to the body. We will draw the shoulders, pectoral muscles, as well as the outline of the body. Make sure to draw out the form of the muscles that line the torso as we have shown in our example.

Step 7
We’ll now look at those arms that belong to Cyclops. In this section, we draw massive muscles of the arms. Draw deltoids, biceps round as well as triceps, forearm muscles, and biceps. Then draw fur bracers, then the club.

Step 8
Then, draw the lower half of the cyclops’ body. Draw the damaged loincloth. Then, carefully sketch out the outline of the muscles in the legs as illustrated in the illustration. Don’t forget to draw the knees and the shoes that our model wears.

Step 9
The drawing is close to being completed. We only have to add some shadows to make the character more substantial. With dense hatching, you can include shadows in our illustration. To make shadows more realistic, you can change the thickness of the hatching based on the intensity that the shadows.

In this class, we taught our students ways to draw Cyplops – a giant with one eye that is a part of ancient Greek mythology. In various works, these creatures are drawn in various ways, and we chose to draw a common illustration of the cyclops.

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