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How To Draw A Cyclops Easy Step by Step

The basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

How To Draw A Hermit Crab Step by Step

Step 1

Since there are three views on the scene, you’re going be required to complete quite a bit more work than normal. What I’m asking the you do is draw four circles, with one for the head that you can join to the body. Draw guides on his face before drawing circles around the belly. Then, draw the outline of the loincloth, and then sketch the leg guides in the same way as you can see in this picture.

Step 2

On the top of the head floating it’s time to draw facial features like ears eyebrows, noses, as well as mouth. Similar to drawing the face on the entire body Cyclops face. When you draw the line to draw Cyclops mouth, you’ll add two teeth long. Start drawing the shape of the calves and arms.

Step 3.

The relief to right is a close up of Cyclops eyes. What I would like you to do is sketch the rough pattern that his eyes have. Draw the outline of his head, as well as the shoulders and arms. Head is highlighted on the top left corner. You’ll need to sketch what is inside the ears as well as draw the mouth and eyes. As you can see, I taught myself drawing the Cyclops hand, so you can be able to follow the diagram too.

Step 4

Finish the floating components that make up The Cyclops Body (head as well as arms). Start by sketching your loin, which is fairly easy. You can then draw your hands and arms.

Step 5

Draw the form of Cyclops feet and legs and then add some definition to the muscles.

Step 6

This is the final drawing step , and all you need to draw is his feet first before drawing Cyclops feet. Remove all the basic principles and forms you sketched in step one before moving onto the next step.

Step 7

Now, here’s what Cyclops will appear like after you’re finished. Paint him, and you’re finished by following the “how to draw Cyclops step by step” tutorial.

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