The 3DVKART Steam 3dvkartsis a fan of drawing and is eager to show you how to draw anything. Most often, we design lessons based on the needs of our readers, like this tutorial on drawing the cutting board.

Step 1
We’ll begin to draw on the board. The first step is to sketch the basic outline that looks like a rectangle during this point.

Step 2
The handle is now drawn out on the cutting table. You can draw it like we did or draw any other shape.

Step 3
To ensure that the board does not appear too flat, we draw the lines for the edge below. They should be exactly like the lines sketched earlier.

Step 4
Utilizing an eraser, Remove all guidelines that are not needed from The cutting table Then, you can trim the corners and then draw a small hole in the handle.

Step 5
Let’s make our board even more voluminous. To achieve this, we just add some shadows and glares with the aid of hatching.

When you look at this lesson, you may be thinking that we’ve run out of drawing ideas. However, this isn’t the case as we are planning to develop drawings that cover every aspect of life and are racing to achieve our target.

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