how to draw a cute rock has both complicated and simple tutorials. This tutorial is about how you draw a rock. This tutorial is very easy because it’s divided into six stages. All the lines are drawn in red. You will need to have your favorite set of artists’ tools in order to begin drawing rocks. You can use a simple pencil or a graphic tablet, or even a phone.

Step 1

There are many different types of rocks. You can draw a rock in many different ways. You can draw outlines that are straight and even or more rounded and vague.



Step 2

Once the rock’s outlines are in place, it is time to add the details. Here, you can use either straight lines or smoother lines. These lines should be used to represent texture. These lines can be used to depict cracks and smaller details in the stone.



Step 3

It is impossible for a rock to hang in the air. We will have to show the surface where the rock will be lying. Draw small stones and grass using lots of lines.



Step 4

Let’s add texture to our rock drawing. The structure was depicted using many vertical lines. You can either repeat the texture of the example or create your own design.



Step 5

Clear the entire rock drawing of any excess lines. Next, trace the artwork using a darker pencil, ink, or pen, to make it more vibrant and beautiful.



Step 6

Now it is time to paint the rock. You can paint the rock in any color you like since there are so many different types. Different shades of gray were used for the soil and rock, and green for the grass.



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