Cartoon Drawing

How To Draw a Cute Piglet

The basic step-by step drawing instructions that follow below.

How to draw cute winnie the pooh

Begin with a big circles for the head. create a smaller circle to make a body. Include the facial guides, then move to the next step.

Step 2
Begin by drawing head sections beginning with Piglet’s floppy ear. Ears that are too big or excessively large should be covered with a headband.

Step 3
Draw the form of the face of Piglet in this manner. When you’re done then move with the drawing stage.

Step 4
Utilize the guide for drawing facial features to create the eyes with beaded beads. Color them in, and then draw the eyes as well as the smiley face and eyebrows.

Step 5
Draw the second ear, but this time, it must be in a standing position.

Step 6
Find out the body shape and size of Chibi Body of the Piglet. Then, add the long arms to form cone.

Step 7
Draw the little leg of Piglet’s foot like this. Add paw pads, and you’re finished with the chibi drawing of Piglet.

Step 8
Before adding the stripes take out the guides and any mistakes. After that, you are able to apply stripes over the body.

Step 9
You are done. Color Piglet with a pretty pink shade that will complete him. Great work everyone!

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