We continue with the theme of animals which you truly enjoy. This was a lesson we learned from comments in the end. We, therefore, created a drawing guide that shows how to draw cute dogs.


Step 1

The first step is to build an entire puppy’s body with round figures of various dimensions and straight lines. Note that the top part is bigger than the lower piece.




Step 2

Our puppy is now odd. Then there are the curves of their ears. the two eyes and the nose. The ears look like triangles. Eyes are small circles that are quite close.




Step 3

Let’s look at the contours of the cheeks, which resemble an expression of a smile. Also, in the real world, you will see these lines that create the shape of a “smile”. In this process, we trace the curvature of the neck with serrated lines.




Step 4

This is why we continue to tutorial on drawing an adorable dog. It is time to draw tiny but crucial aspects. In this part, we will draw the inside of the auricle, as well as the contours of the upper lip.




Step 5

Then, we can sketch the outline of our puppy’s front paws. In our instance, we should not draw gentle bends as this is more common in adult dog breeds. The only thing we need to draw is two wide, large feet.




Step 6

The hind paws should appear like they are larger and bigger than the forepaws. The upper portion of the hind foot should be bigger than the complete circumference of the hind paw as you can observe.




Step 7

With just a few lines, we draw the outline of our body and show the tail. In the region of the back, we make use of sharp lines. Smooth lines are found on the sides that connect the legs.




Step 8

As with all steps, we pick out a single step to validate our actions from the previous steps. If you are not able to identify the wrong lines or shapes, then you can move on to the next step.




Step 9

Select the color you’d like to observe. In the case of us, it’s beige. Don’t forget to put some highlights in the eyes of your little dog.




It’s another article on drawing animals by Easydrawingart. Don’t forget to come back to our site to learn new drawing lessons that cover many subjects.

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