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How To Draw A Cute Chicken

Animals of every kingdom are cute in their own right! Chickens as babies are an illustration of this because they don’t need assistance to look adorable.

While this is true, it’s still possible to enhance their look more adorable! This is where cartoon designs come into play, as they can make adorable animals look even more adorable.

Drawing an adorable chicken is an excellent method to draw a cute photo that shows it is!

If you’d want to design your own adorable chicken, but aren’t sure how to begin, this guide will be the best for you.

This step-by-step tutorial on drawing an adorable chicken in only 6 steps will teach you how to draw your personal adorable bird!

How To Draw A Cute Chicken Step-By-Step

1st Step:

This is this step-by-step guide on drawing a adorable chicken starting by drawing the head of the adorable chick. Then, draw some lines with rounded edges to draw the head’s outline.

The line to left side will be drawn as two bumps, while the line to the right is one rounded line.

After that, you can draw an elongated line that is slightly curled to the front. This is where you will begin the formation of the crest on this chicken.

Draw a tiny sharp, pointed shape for your chicken’s beak then continue to the next step of the guide!

2nd Step:

To continue with this adorable chicken drawing, we’ll begin drawing the crest that is on top of the head. This was the first step in the previous step and now you are able to complete it.

It is possible to do this by drawing three lines over the head. These lines will form the crest’s bumps.

The crest should begin from the line you extended in the earlier step, and will be at the rear of the head.

After that, you’ll be onto step 3 in the guide!

3rd Step:

The third step in our tutorial on drawing cute chickens will involve adding extra details to the drawing. The first step is drawing eyes.

Create small ovals within the face using a an angled line underneath each. Then make a big pupil inside each.

For this final next step, draw a curving line that represents the wing onto the body, and then draw some sharp designs for the tail to go behind it.

4th Step:

Now you’re ready to draw the other parts of the body to this adorable bird drawing when we get to the next step. For drawing this body, we’ll use two lines that connect each other.

When we make our lines more thick and curving, we’ll make this look chicken super fluffy and chubby for more adorableness!

After you’ve drawn the body, we’ll be working on the final information in the 5th section of the tutorial.

5th Step:

It’s time to move on to the final part of this step-by-step guide on drawing an adorable chicken, but first we have to finish the job with legs for the adorable little bird.

The primary thing we’ll add in this stage is legs to the chicken. Draw the legs’ base by drawing two round shapes on the bottom of your body.

Then, draw a broad line downwards from each form and then, add the rounded toes of your feet.

After you’ve drawn these legs, you’ll are able to create your own details or elements!

It would be wonderful having a backdrop this shot, as it could really enhance the adorable scene. What kind of background would you pick for this adorable chicken?

If you’re satisfied with the way it appears, we’ll move on to the next section of the guide!

6th Step:

The cute drawing of a chicken is close to being complete. all it requires now is some gorgeous colors to finish the drawing!

In our image of reference we chose to use reds to highlight the crest of the head as well as a dark orange color for the legs and the beak, and then a few lighter greys to cover the body.

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