The team at 3dvkarts decided to provide you with a simple lesson on drawing cute chibi characters. The lessons on chibi are easy to master, as they are incredibly simple to draw. and intricate lines, as well as the characters themselves are drawn in a very simplified manner. This lesson is more simple and more straightforward, so let’s get right down to drawing.

Step 1
The first step is to sketch a huge head of the girl in the chibi. Draw two lines across the head to allow for drawing of the specifics that make up the head.

Step 2
Create a tiny body of our character using thin lines, such as in the illustration below the text.

Step 3
Let’s focus on the finer details. Draw large eyes with pupils. Glare inside the pupils. Next, draw a smiling face.

Step 4
Let’s sketch the hair. The hair was drawn long with two hair bundles on the sides. However, you could draw any hairstyle that you want.

Step 5
Now draw the details of the body. The dress is reminiscent of a sailor’s outfit however, you could certainly draw other clothing.

You may have seen that this lesson was quite simple and we believe that everyone who reads our blog would be able to master the task. If this lesson seemed too simple for you go to the category “Anime” where you will discover more complicated and basic drawing lessons.

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