The most frequently used category we have on our website is the category with the title “Anime”, mostly because we provide lessons on Chibi. This category is going to be augmented with brand new drawing lessons where the 3dvkarts team 3dvkarts will teach the user the art of drawing cute chibi in a simple way.

Step 1
The first step is to draw the circle and adorable head of our Chibi character. On the head, we draw two lines that intersect.

Step 2
A very simple procedure where we draw the legs and torso using an extended and straight line.

Step 3
Another simple step is to sketch the cute tiny arms and longer tails of our adorable Chibi.

Step 4
Let’s give some extra details to our adorable Chibi. On the head, draw details like the feline’s ears, the outline of eyebrows, eyes, and hair.

Step 5
Utilizing dark and clear lines, draw the eye’s outline and then paint the pupils with hatching.

Step 6
This process appears more complex than it really is Here we simply have to draw the lines of cute chibi using dark and clear lines.

This was a very specific lesson as we chose to draw a chibi in the shape of a cute kitten girl. However, you can also create something a little distinct, for instance, as an adorable animal like a fox or even a small animal like a wolf by adding the specifics of these animals in the same way in contrast to the ones you observe in our sample. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to us on social media in order to not lose new drawing tutorials in the 3dvkarts category “Anime” and other categories on

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