How easy is it to draw a cute cat? This is the question we’ll answer today. This drawing guide consists of only eleven steps. It’s not as hard as you might imagine.

We’ve already demonstrated how to draw a cat. However, this lesson was more complex and involved a lot of shadows and details that make drawing a cat difficult for novice artists.

This tutorial will make drawing a cat simple. It will also be easier for beginners to follow.

Step 1

We’ll now show you how to draw a cat. This tutorial will begin by creating simple geometric shapes. Let’s draw three circles, and then connect them with smooth lines. You can see that none of these shapes are symmetrical. Don’t try to draw perfectly straight lines.



Step 2

Now we have a sketch of the cat. We can now add finer details. The contours of your ears should be drawn and the head lengthened. The angles create the illusion that the ears are very close together.


Step 3

This step will be used to draw the outline of the back and abdomen, along with the proximal portions of the legs, using smooth lines. To create light lines, don’t press down on the pencil.


Step 4

We have drawn the upper portions of the front legs in the previous step. Now we will draw the outline of the front leg. The feet should curve gracefully downward. Avoid excessive contractions or expansions.


Step 5

Drawing a cat isn’t an easy job, is it? You are doing a great job! We have drawn the outline of the head, front and back legs in the previous steps. This step will be about the back of your cat’s body and its hind legs. Use smooth, curved lines to draw the cat’s feet. The foot closest to us will be larger than the rest.


Step 6

Did you know that cats can walk? It’s probably not because the cat’s paws have very soft pads. This step will show you how to draw the little toes of our cat’s paws.


Step 7

Use smooth lines to draw the tail contours. The tail is curved in the distal direction and tapered at the tip.


Step 8

To create a natural-looking cat, trace the contours of your auricle. Let’s draw the contours of the cheeks using a fur texture. It looks like a series of short lines that are very close together. This tutorial will show you how to draw a cat quickly.


Step 9

Our cat will be revived a little by the sight and smell of our eyes, won’t you think? This is undeniably true. We will therefore draw the outline of the nose and eye. The front edge of your head is where the eye is. The face is where the nose is located.


Step 10

Let’s now draw the mouth in a straight, smooth line. When drawing the smile line for our cat, you can use the location of the eyes to guide you. Draw the line curlier if you wish to create a smiley or a grin. Don’t forget the mustache!


Step 11

We will also remove any unnecessary construction lines from the previous steps. We will also make the contours and areas of the cat’s body clearer using a stronger pressure on our pencil.


You can either complete the drawing of a cat or make it more interesting. You can add shadows to your cat’s drawing. In our article on shadow, we discussed how to do this correctly.

You can also draw a street or interior behind your cat. This will allow you to make your cat’s drawing more expressive and vibrant.

We hope you found this tutorial helpful and simple. Don’t forget to share your thoughts and criticisms about our work. It is a great help to learn new drawing lessons.

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