How to Draw a Cute Anime Dog in 7 Steps

This video tutorial shows you how to draw an adorable manga or anime-style dog in just seven steps, ranging from a simple proportions sketch to shading and coloring a full drawing.


Step by step

Dogs come in all shapes, breeds, and sizes which makes it challenging to establish a clear ratio for drawing them. This is particularly true when drawing anime-style dogs. However, there are ways to assist you. The first is to approach drawing the correct way, drawing the largest proportions first, then gradually moving to the small specifics. Another method is to analyze the style of anime to discover the characteristics that make a dog look anime.

How to Make a Dog Look Anime

Certain animated animals were drawn using proportions that are very similar to real animals, while others are extremely stylized.

In general, for manga and anime, tiny dogs like the one shown in this video tend to have heads that are larger than normal and smaller than normal legs and paws.

Fur from anime can form clumps that are similar to hair from anime.

The Anime dog is also depicted with larger, eyes, more human-like than real dogs.

In this instance, we’ll draw eyes that are fairly normal for dogs of this kind of size, since small dogs usually have big eyes relative to their bodies.

Step 1 – Get the Dog’s Body & Head Proportions

Head and body proportions drawing

Begin sketching two basic forms to represent the body and head of the dog. The purpose of these drawings is to determine the dimensions and overall shape of each.

Step 2 – Draw the Legs, Ears & Tail

Draw proportions of the dog’s anima

Then, moving towards the lower body parts of the dog, they draw the shape of the ears, legs, and tail.


Step 3 – Draw the Dog’s Face

Face drawing of a dog drawn by Aime

To make your dog look cute, draw the facial features very low down on the head of the dog.

Draw the eyes with the top curve bigger than the bottom, and draw the eyebrows just over them gently curving around the upper part of the eyes, creating a “bean” like shape.

Draw the mouth and snout close by two-quarter circles to mark the upper jaw’s bottom and one-half circle for the lower jaw.

Draw the nose as close as the triangle that has rounded corners.

Additionally, you can make a dog’s tail sticking out of the mouth. Drawing the tongue as well as the tail as we do in this illustration will give your dog an exuberant (happy to be able to meet its owner) style of look which could make it more adorable.

Step 4 – Draw the Dog’s Fur

Cartoon of dog fur with Anime

As we’ve mentioned, the fur of the anime dog is drawn like anime hair, but in smaller clusters. The most common places where fur is likely to show are the insides of the ear (especially for anime) as well as the sides of the bottom of the neck, the top of the head as well as the chest’s bottom area, and the tail.

Step 5 – Draw the Smaller Details

Drawing of a cartoon dog’s outline

This is the time to complete the outline sketch of your dog, adding details in the smaller details like pupils and reflections within the eyes, and the specifics of the feet.

Step 6 – Color the Dog

Colored drawing of a dog with an animated character

If you draw on paper, make sure you outline areas that are left blank. If you are drawing digitally, you can add them on top of your drawing later.

Since the dog is white, there’s not any color that must be used. Pink is generally a good match for white, and it is also suitable to draw this picture. The tongue and the insides of the ears (the parts that are not covered with fur) are pink.

Make your nose appear deep black or dark gray.

How to Draw Anime Neck & Shoulders

The eyes can be made to look like whatever color you prefer or choose blue, like in this illustration.

Step 7 – Apply Basic Anime Style Shading

The drawing of the dog’s anima is complete

Be aware that shadows will change based on lighting conditions, but in this example, we’ll employ very generalized shading that works for the majority of lighting conditions in which the light source is usually from above.

Add some very gentle grey shadows on the bottom of the body areas that make up the body of the pet. There are shadows at the lower part of the snout, head body, tail, and paws. Draw the shadows in a way that is like tracing the outline that the dog has (including its fur).


This tutorial demonstrates one method to draw a charming dog from anime however, there are plenty of ways to draw dogs in a variety of styles. Like in other tutorials available on AnimeOutline it is always possible to take a look at some pictures to get more ideas. Also, you can examine how dogs are drawn in real manga and anime.

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