how to draw a cute animal

This drawing guide will show you how to draw cute animals. In our tutorial, we tried to capture the fundamental principles of drawing cute animals. We hope that you will be able to draw your own versions of this cute cat. Let’s get started!


Step 1

We first draw the outline of the animal’s body. Pets that are moderately fatty actually make them more attractive and cuter. This feature is best highlighted by using rounded shapes in the design of the basic silhouette. In this step, we draw the body and head of the cat using two ovals. The smaller oval in the upper should be smaller than that in the lower. This tutorial will show you how do you draw a snowman.




Step 2

Fine! Let’s now add two close-set eyes. Each eye is composed of two horizontal lines. The curvature of the lower horizontal lines is more prominent. The distance between the eyes and the top and bottom sides of the head is important.




Step 3

A cute animal is not complete without a silly little nose. You probably do, too. Let’s make a small nose with an inverted triangle shape and a mouth with two straight lines.




Step 4

This step will use the little kawaii ears. Our cute animal’s ears look like tiny triangles on the sides of its head. The border around the ears’ medial edges is small.




Step 5

We have almost all the details for the cute animal’s appearance. Now we can begin to add the final details. This step will allow us to add the outline of the pupils (just two ovals) as well as horizontal lines that will define the mustache.



Step 6

We will continue our guide on drawing cute animals. In this step, we’ll draw the legs of this cat. All parts of the body should be smooth and round, including the paws. We draw two rounded shapes at the front and one small, rounded shape at the back. Because of the angle, the hind foot appears small.



Step 7

This is a small step. Here we will draw small vertical lines to divide the distal legs from the toes. These stripes should be slightly diagonally.



Step 8

The position of the tail can be a sign of a person’s mood. The cat was a bit surprised by this and he fluffed the tail. A more relaxed position can be used to draw a curled tail around the body.



Step 9

This is what you get if we take out all the unnecessary guidelines. If you find that your sketch is not what you wanted, take a look at the entire process and see where you have made mistakes.



Step 10

Now we can also work with colors. This lovely cat can be any color you choose. For shadows, make sure to choose a darker color. Light pink should be used for the areas around the ears and nose. You can choose a color for your eyes, but make sure to include white highlights. This will make your drawing more vibrant and complete.



We hope you found this tutorial helpful. Please leave comments about how helpful and clear this guide was. Your feedback is our best reward!


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