how to draw a cupcake

Today, we’ll show the ways to draw cupcakes which is a delicious and sweet treat that is enjoyed by many. This instructional video is extremely simple and perfect for those who want to become artists. We broke down the process of assembling this drawing into six easy steps. We draw each stage in red so that the lines drawn are easily discernible.

Do you want to master drawing cupcakes? If so, go through this page and start the process of making a masterpiece!



Step 1

With the help of a variety of straight and thin lines, one can draw this kind of trapezoid. The lines must be light so that making adjustments are not a problem to make in the future.



Step 2

With smooth lines, design the upper portion of the cupcake using smooth lines. This design shouldn’t be homogeneous. Make it the most realistic.



Step 3

An extremely simple step in the tutorial on drawing cupcakes. In this case, we only need to round off the lower part of the cupcake, just as the creators from did.



Step 4

Take an eraser and carefully take out all lines of the sketch for cupcakes. Then, you can use the lines that are jagged to create a pattern on the top of your cupcake.



Step 5

By using a series of similar vertical lines, you can create a pattern on the inside of the cupcake by tracing vertical lines that are similar to the bottom. If you’ve followed our guidelines exactly, your design will be like the image below, drawn by the designers of



Step 6

Of course, the colors. We love chocolate cupcakes and that’s why we painted this drawing in brown shades. However, if you are a fan of other kinds of cupcakes like fruit, you could paint your dessert sketch beige or pink. You can also include chocolate chips on your cupcake’s top.



We’ve come to the last part of the instructions on drawing the cupcake. According to the custom, we don’t want to stop here. If you’re looking to enhance your artistic skills, make a sketch of still-life with the help of a cupcake and a container or candle.

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