How to Draw a Cup

As the title of our website indicates, we teach you how to draw various objects in the most simple way and this tutorial on drawing the shape of a cup is no instance of this.

To simplify the process for the sake of simplicity, we have broken down the steps of drawing a cup into six simple steps. So, get out your preferred tools for painting and begin the process of making artwork!

Step 1

Let’s begin drawing the cup using an easy oval. It must be as smooth and symmetrical as it is possible. And, by the way, exactly using the same oval, we began our lesson regarding how to make the crown.




Step 2

The process appears to be straightforward, but it actually has certain tricks we’ll discuss in the next section. In order to accurately draw the sides of your cup take the image towards the mirror, allowing you to be able to see the differences and inaccurate proportions.




Step 3

The simplest stage of the instructions on drawing cups. Join the two lines we traced in the 3rd stage by using an elongated line. Also, make use of the mirror to check for errors within the drawing.




Step 4

Utilizing a long, smooth line, sketch how the handle is attached to the cup by drawing a long and smooth line. Handles come in a variety of kinds, but we chose to show the classic handle.




Step 5

Then draw the inside line from the grip. If you’ve done everything correctly then your drawing will be something like this. In addition, among other things, it is possible to draw a design on top of the cup, or on a plate beneath it.




Step 6

You can, of course, draw your cup as in the fifth step. However, to make your drawing stunning and beautiful you should add shadows and color. The cup was painted blue, however, you can paint the cup with any shade.




This tutorial on drawing the cup was very easy. To increase your skill you could try to make a still life and include a cup in the composition by placing it alongside such things as a Cactus or an artifact, a book, or a candle.

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