how to draw a cup of tea

If you’re looking to learn how to draw a cup of tea This article will guide you through it quickly and easily. In the most recent tutorials, we demonstrated how to draw a cup of coffee and this one will be similar to that. The instructions will also be broken down into ten easy steps, each being highlighted red to make it easier for students to learn.


Step 1

Let’s begin drawing the teacup using an oval that is flat and regular. This is the top of your teacup. To verify symmetry in the image it is possible to look at it through a mirror.





Step 2

Then draw the sides of the teacup in the same way as by sketching below. Don’t forget the fact that proportionality is tested by using the help of a mirror.




Step 3

Create the cup’s body by drawing its lower part. Check your drawing against ours and, if it is in order, move on to the fourth step.




Step 4

Then draw lines to fill the drink, such as shown in the sketch below. The line must be partially resembling the top surface that the cup.




Step 5

Let’s design an ear-shaped cup handle that looks like an ear at this moment. Do your best to make this part as smooth and elegant as possible.




Step 6

Now draw the inside line of the handle, which will eventually form this portion. The inside line should exactly match the line on the outside.




Step 7

We now show the plate as an enormous oval. Remember that you can test the symmetry of the part by using an optical mirror.




Step 8

Create the lower edge of the plate, as illustrated in the illustration drawn by the artists from Once all the lines are done, you’re ready to add the final elements.




Step 9

Take an eraser, and meticulously wipe away any unnecessary guidelines from your work. This is the tea. Make sure you trace the essential lines to complete your artwork fully and beautifully.




Step 10

Paint the teacup with any color you like such as, for instance, the tea painted gray. The tea can be colored inside the cup with shades of brown or yellow.




This tutorial will show you drawing tea cups You can draw an image of a cup filled with anything like coffee or any other beverage. We highly recommend that you browse through the various areas on and also follow us on our social networks (such as Facebook and Pinterest) to be aware of any updates.

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