How to Draw a Cup of Coffee

In this easy and fun drawing tutorial, the team at will teach you the art of drawing cups of coffee. In the past, the designers of have created a guideline on drawing the cup in this article, and this one will be similar to the one we presented in the previous article.

In order to begin drawing coffee, you’ll require the most popular artist kit whether it’s a basic pencil using paper, a tablet for graphics, or even a mobile phone.



Step 1

In the instructions for the basic cup, we’ll start this process by drawing the typical oval. The geometric shape should be completely even and proportional.




Step 2

Then, draw the sides of the cup by using two lines that taper downwards. Take care when drawing these two strokes since they must be as proportional as you can.




Step 3

As we progress the sketch will look more like the cup sketch. To determine the proportionality of your drawing, take a look at it with a mirror, and you’ll be able to see the errors.




Step 4

Let’s fill the cup with delicious, aromatic coffee. To achieve this, draw an outline that repeats the top that is the top of your cup.




Step 5

We can now make the coffee sketch a final appearance. To achieve this, design an object that resembles an ear of a human.




Step 6

Then, draw the outline of the handle. It should follow the intricate line we created in the fifth step.




Step 7

This step will be challenging enough, so take care. Draw a large oval that can be used as a platter to hold the cup. You can also test the proportions with the mirror.




Step 8

To make the plate appear much more like one instead of a pancake, create the lower edge. It’s not too difficult it’s as simple as repeating the steps below.




Step 9

Let’s get rid of our coffee cup design. With an eraser in hand, clean off any lines that are not necessary to keep your drawing of the cup of coffee neat as well as aesthetic.




Step 10

You can now get yourself armed with painted pencils and colored paints, or felt-tip pens, and paint the coffee in your cup the color brown. You can also color the cup and the plate with any hue.




Everything that begins has an end. And the instruction on drawing a cup of coffee is the same.

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