The cucumber is not an extremely difficult subject to draw drawing because there aren’t a lot of complicated parts and details to be found in the cucumber. However, as we mentioned in the earlier guides, even basic dishes like scrambled eggs can be prepared differently, based on the cook or isn’t a professional cook. Therefore, we wish you draw cucumbers and other everyday objects just in the same way that a chef makes the most basic meals.


Step 1

To draw the perfect cucumber, it is necessary to sketch the outlines of it. In the initial stage drawing, we sketch an elongated and slightly curving oval. Cucumbers, as with other vegetables, are available in a variety of varieties. You can see the length and smooth they are (Armenian cucumbers), as well as small as well as rough (Kirby cucumbers) or even round and yellow known as lemon cucumbers.



Step 2

As you can see, we chose to illustrate what it takes to draw the cucumber with its most iconic and well-known appearance. Therefore, in the second step, we’ll sketch the essential bumps and imperfections. Begin by sketching three lines of the longitudinal lines starting at the edges of the cucumber. Then, sketch a lot of tiny bumps on your surface. cucumber.


Step 3

This cucumber illustration is nearly complete. To make the vegetable-rich and 3D We will also include shadows. First, you should draw a hatching line in the lower part and top of the cucumber. You will leave a small part of the reflex on the top of the rim. Draw the shadow cast to ensure your drawing isn’t flying through the air.


This is why in this straightforward three-step drawing class we demonstrated how to draw the cucumber easily and quickly. We hope you didn’t encounter any difficulties when drawing the cucumber and can now include this vegetable in your still-life, along with an apple, a rose, and an apple. If you’d like to be a professional at drawing still lives check out our category titled “Food”“.

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