How to Draw a Cube

The team will guide you through a step-by-step drawing tutorial.

Drawing a cube is a great way to learn perspective. A cube can also help you create shadows so that flat objects appear three-dimensional.

You will need regular art supplies to draw a cube. This includes paper, pencils, erasers, coloring tools, and erasers.

Let’s now get to the lesson about how to draw a cube with all your art tools.


How to Draw a Cube

Step 1: Draw the left face of the cube

Draw the cube’s side. Straighten and draw straight lines. Remember that the top and bottom lines should be closer together as they move away.




Step 2: Draw the Left Facial

Draw another face of your cube using a few straight lines. As in the previous step the top and bottom lines should be drawn slightly closer as they move away.




Step 3 – Draw your Top Face

Two lines should be used to draw the face. A ruler can be used to draw a cube. The team at recommends that you draw a cube using a ruler.




Step 4 – Color your Cube Drawing

In this case, the light comes from the upper left corner. Let’s now paint the cube drawing. The darkest face should be on the right. The left side should be noticeably darker. The lightest face should be on the top.




We use gray shades in our cube drawing tutorial. You can also color your cube with any color.

This tutorial on drawing cubes is very helpful for artists, as we have already said. Drawing a cube teaches you how to see the volume of objects and then transfer it onto a piece of paper.

This art instruction will teach you how to draw more complicated things that are based upon a cube. For example, a house and a car.


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