How to Draw a Crow

We have noticed that our students love drawing animals. Especially in their favor, that’s why we developed this instructional video on drawing an eagle.

Like all the other tutorials on will be simple and easy to follow for artists who are just beginning their careers.

Are you prepared? Let’s get started on drawing the crow!


Step 1

Let’s begin the lesson by drawing a crow using two ovals that are normal. The upper one will eventually change into a head and the smaller one into a body.




Step 2

By combining three lines at a point to draw a beak of a crow. The line that is the top should begin at the forehead and the point should be slightly bent downwards.




Step 3

The third step is when we complete drawing that crow’s beak. By drawing a straight line that separates your beak and the remainder of the head. Make a small oval to draw the crow’s head.




Step 4

Simple, yet also at the same time essential step in the instructions on how to draw the crow. By drawing two straight lines connecting the torso and head, as illustrated in the image below.




Step 5

In the fourth step in drawing the crow’s tail. Then, draw the outline of the wings. By using a series of lines, sketch how the wings’ feathers of the wings.




Step 6

Utilize the lines that are smooth to show the upper portion of the legs, connecting them to the body. The sketch we draw with each step will look more like a sketch of a crow.



Step 7

This step is more difficult than the other however we are confident that you will be able to handle this step without difficulty. Draw the toes and legs using sharp claws as did the artists on



Step 8

Let’s create a more beautiful and detailed appearance. This will be accomplished by a lot of lines. We will create by their assistance the plumage of this intelligent gorgeous bird.



Step 9

Let’s take out all lines that aren’t needed from our sketch of a crow. We’ll provide it with a more finished appearance. After removing all the extra lines, draw the essential parts, making them transparent and dark.



Step 10

This is the time to take your creativity to the max. It is now possible to draw your bird in with a black and white background or add shadows by hatching or painting the crow one of the colors. We think the best choice is dark gray or dark blue.



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