Dear readers welcome to the drawing lesson on drawing the crossbow! Crossbow – can be described as a kind of combat and throwing weapon for sports that is actually archery, which is equipped with a specific mechanism.

Step 1 Then, you must first draw the lines of the crossbow, as illustrated in our illustration.

Step 2 Draw out the limb as well as the strings of the crossbow as well as the cocking stirrup. The basic outline is complete Let’s begin adding the details.

Step 3 It’s a short and simple step – take your time when drawing away the stirrup for cocking, as well as the forward part of the crossbow.

Step 4 Draw out the limb, making it 3D and detailed, as we did in our illustration.

Step 5 Then, draw out the details on the top, like flight grooves and the nut. Remove any unnecessary lines from the front of the piece.

Step 6 Draw the back part comprised of the tiller as well as the trigger. Remove all guides to keep the crossbow drawing clean.

Step 7 Include shadows with classic hatching.

The lesson on drawing the crossbow was over. Don’t forget that there are many drawing instructions for weapons, particularly medieval weapons like the longsword as well as the flail.


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