How to Draw a Crocodile -

How to Draw a Crocodile

How to Draw a Crocodile

This tutorial will teach you how to draw the crocodile. The dangerous reptile was so common that large lizards roamed prehistoric lands. This prehistoric creature doesn’t need to be seen in the Nile Valley or tropical countries. This tutorial will show you how to draw a Crocodile. You can also create the creature on paper.


How to Draw a Crocodile

Step 1 – Sketch the basics

Three circles should be drawn horizontally. Two circles should be placed next to each other. The third circle should be further away. Crocodiles are reptiles, meaning that their main movement is crawling on the ground.




Step 2: Sketch the Outlines for the Tail and Body

Start at the top and draw a line. The first circle will become the head. Continue to trace the outline of your tail by going through the second circle. Next sketch the limbs. Draw two lines starting from the center circle. One is straight and the other is bent at the elbow joint.




Step 3: Draw the Upper Jaws of the Crocodile

Next, draw a sketch of the top of your crocodile’s jaw, and then draw a curve in the upper part of your head circle. These and the subsequent steps should be completed using darker lines.




Step 4: Draw the lower jaw of the Crocodile

Draw an arcuate line from the upper corner. Make a slight rounding, and finish the inner portion, touching the circle. Next, close the zygomatic portion of the jaw.




Step 5: Draw the Eye and Teeth of the Crocodile

Your teeth should have zigzag lines. Every tooth should be replaced every 2 to 3 years. If people were to have such a bonus, they wouldn’t need an implant surgeon. Draw the crocodile’s eye using a pair of curved lines.




Step 6 – Draw your front legs

With a few simple lines, draw the outline of the front legs of the crocodile. The front legs of a Crocodile look a lot like human arms if you pay attention. Drawing crocodile front legs is similar to drawing human arms.




Step 7 – Place the Toes on your Front Feet

This view shows only four toes on the front legs. Draw them using short, slightly curved lines.




Step 8 – Dra your hind leg

Next, move to the hind legs of the crocodile. Following the same procedure as the forelimb, draw the outline of the hind leg.




Step 9 – Draw your Toes on the Hind Leg

Let’s draw the toes of the hind legs. In our case, only one limb is visible. Remember to keep an eye out for sharp claws in reptiles.




Step 10 – Draw the texture on the back

The crocodile’s distinctive feature is its horny scales, which act as armor. Draw it using a series of short, curved lines like the one in our example.




Step 11 – Delete the Guidelines

You can now put down the pencil and use an eraser to carefully erase all auxiliary lines. Do not touch the lines that are important.




Step 12 – Color the Crocodile Illustration

Let’s make the crocodile a green color. Make the belly lighter, the inner portion of the mouth a maroon, and the eyes charcoal-black. There are many bright colors in nature, but most crocodiles are green marsh colors.




So we’re done! We hope you enjoyed this crocodile drawing tutorial. We took a brief trip into zoology to talk about the types of crocodiles that can be found in nature.

Do you have a favorite animal? Perhaps it will be a reptile (for example, an alligator or lizard). Let’s get started. You will write in the comments about your wild animal, along with its three main features. We will then try to pick the best commentary and draw the animal.

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