how to draw a crayfish

In this drawing course, we will teach how to draw the art of drawing crayfish. It is a rare and exotic animal. We hope that this tutorial will allow you to practice your drawing skills that have an unusual look. We’ve drawn many familiar animals, such as animal like a rabbit as well as a mouse. The next step is more exciting.


Step 1

In the beginning, we want to create an oval with a diagonal. It should be nearer to the right-hand edge of the sheet. The figure doesn’t have to be perfect even and is symmetrical. Notice the small bend in the lower part of the oval.




Step 2

Add eyes and tails to our picture. In particular, these are the curves of the eyes and the tail. It is a tiny oval figure that lies in a straight line with the figure in the previous step. In addition, make two small circles. These are the eye contours.




Step 3

Draw sections on our crayfish’s back. The tail of the animal must also be separated. You can use the same amount of segments that we used in our example.




Step 4

The main characteristic of any crayfish is its powerful claws. We will now begin to visualize these amazing mechanisms that evolutionary processes have made.




Step 5

Claws should be huge. One claw must be greater than half the size of our crabs. The claw is composed of two pointed forms of various forms.




Step 6

It has always been amusing to us how a crayfish’s body is placed. It has massive claws and very tiny claws. In this stage, we’ll sketch the contours of these tiny claws.




Step 7

Let’s explore the mouth of our crabs. We will draw how the shape of our mustache appears, which appears to be two elongated, diverging figures.




Step 8

This is why we remove all extra lines of our animals. We also ensure that there aren’t any mistakes in the proportions or shapes of the various parts of the animal’s body.




Step 9

Color our crayfish red. Make sure to highlight the white glare on the eye of the creature. This tiny detail will give the drawing a more complete look.




We finished our class drawing an eel. We got quite a beautiful crayfish. We hope your result is even better. Don’t forget to share your drawing with us, or write about the things you didn’t enjoy. We are always trying to make the most effective drawing lessons for you!

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