Today, we will talk to you about drawing cranberry. We’re not certain that you are all a fan of these tart fruits. But, they are extremely fragrant and create very cool juices as well as fruit drinks.

The berry is more delicious when it is first cold. Many people living in the northern regions cannot imagine a life without cranberry. It’s aromatic and very nutritious.

Step 1

Then, we draw an ordinary circle. It is possible to not follow our sketch exactly. Normally, you draw a flattened circular shape, you will get slightly different shapes. In the upper region of the circle draw a horizontal oval that is flattened.




Step 2

In this phase, we’ll only use a tiny oval that is flattened. We will draw another oval that has jagged edges. It is situated over the original oval. It is important to note that these two ovals are adjacent to each other.



Step 3

We picked up a lovely Cranberry. Let’s make the shadows to make the berry appear more real. Make sure you apply the hatching to both sides of your oval that you created in earlier steps. Make a hatch along the edges of the oval. Apply broad wide-spread hatching to the side of the fruit. Don’t forget to consider the shadow that is cast on the surface where the berry is situated.


In this drawing lesson, we will complete a collection of wild-looking berries. As an example, we’ve already drawn blackberry and blueberry. Did we overlook something? Write regarding it on the blog.

We hope that your cranberry was real. If you feel that the berry you chose to draw is distinct from ours, to the negative Do not forget to write about your experience by leaving a comment. We’ll try to assist you.

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