How to Draw a Coyote

This tutorial will teach you how to draw coyotes. Coyote can be described as a steppe wolf. The coyote, unlike the common wolf, is smaller.

It has thicker, longer fur, a longer muzzle, and large ears. Coyotes live on open plains and can be found near large cities as well as in uninhabited areas.

This animal is adaptable to all conditions and is therefore not in danger. The coyote is a carnivore that primarily eats small animals.

You will need a standard artist’s kit to begin this tutorial on drawing a coyote.

How to Draw a Coyote

Step 1 – Sketch the basics

Begin by sketching the head, ribcage, and pelvis of the coyote in simple ovals. These will be the foundation for our future coyote drawings.




Step 2: Sketch the Spine & Limbs

It is important to draw them back and limbs using the lightest lines. These lines can be erased later, so don’t forget about them.




Step 3: Draw the tail and belly

Sketch out the belly and lower neck with a few simple lines. Next, draw the tail with long, smooth lines. You should draw the tail’s bottom edge with very short lines.




Step 4 – Draw the Snout of the Coyote

Next, move to the head and add details. Draw the nose as a triangle. Next, draw the mouth using a few curves, as in our example.




Step 5: Draw the eyes and noses

First, draw their outline. Next, draw the pupils within them. Next, draw a few lines around the nostrils.




Step 6 – Draw Coyotes’ Ears

Coyotes have large ears that look similar to two long triangles with rounded tips. Keep the ears symmetrical.




Step 7 – Draw your Front Leg

Because the coyote’s far front leg is covered by the one in front, we can only see one leg. Draw the leg using dark and clear lines.




Step 8 – Draw the Front Paw of the Coyote

To draw the paws, go to the bottom end of the front legs. You can also see a portion of the far-paw here.




Step 9 – Draw Coyotes’ Hind Legs

The coyote’s hind legs are quite different from its front ones. They are noticeably thinner in the lower part of their legs and more voluminous in the upper.




Step 10 – Draw your hind paws

The coyote’s hind paws are drawn exactly as the front. To avoid making mistakes when drawing a coyote make sure you always check your sketch.




Step 11 – Delete the Guidelines

You can make your coyote’s drawing more detailed by erasing any guidelines. Next, trace the whole drawing using a dark pencil or marker.




Step 12 – Color the Coyote drawing

We will color the fur black and several other shades of brown. Shadows should be made in certain places, such as the chest, abdomen, and tail.




This coyote drawing lesson was a success. It was difficult to correctly use the brown shades – one on the ears, one on the back, and the third in dark areas. This may seem difficult at first, but it is possible with some skill.

This is a great way to learn. This is great training. If all goes well, our coyote drawing looks very realistic. If not, don’t be discouraged. You will improve slowly and we will teach you new and interesting drawing lessons.

When creating new lessons, we always consider your wishes. If you send us a note describing the type of animals that you’d like to see in your next lesson, we will be happy to oblige.

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